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Welcome to Compnet!
Thanks for choosing Compnet Internet And Computer Service. 
ompnet has a long tradition of providingmission critical information
technology (IT) service by utilizing state of the art information
platforms, which are designed to support high volume and
transaction oriented business processes.  This heritage has provided the
foundation for our traditional support services as well as expanding our
portfolio to include in support of emerging e-commerce and internet
related technologies.  Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive,
flexible, and responsive services that meet all enterprise computing needs
of our clients including: Government organizations, original equipment
manufactures, system integrators, and end users.
Everyone Is Buying Broadband

Everyone is buying broadband like hotcakes – yet most people don’t really know the benefits of Broadband.  Here are just some of the benefits of Broadband.


  • High Speed – Up to 40x faster than a normal dial-up
  • Use the Internet & your  phone at the same time
  • Its always on -  no need to wait to dial-up and connect
  • Everything you do online will be much quicker
  • Listen to music, radio or even download movies


And now you can get Broadband from us for absolutely no set-up fee AND a  FREE modem.


New Athens Location


 To better serve our McMinn/Meigs County Customers, we have
moved our Athens office downtown.
The new location is 114 East Madison Avenue, Athens, TN.  We are located next door to the Robert E. Lee Building, formerly Mnt. Man Pawn Shop. Come visit our brand new renovated store. We have private store front parking right at the door. MAP AND DIRECTIONS HERE

Note:  Our Madisonville Office is still located at 4254 Highway 411 to continue serving our Monroe County Customers.


Compnet Launches VOIP Service to Business Customers.

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