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Compnet VoIP is a broadband service combining your company's Internet and telephone service. Unlike other VoIP services, we use managed networks to ensure True Business Class Reliability. With VoIP (Voice over IP) your business' phone calls travel over your broadband data network rather than the conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Instead of the traditional one phone call per copper wire, with VoIP your broadband connection carries numerous phone calls. The calls travel as digital data packets routed like other data carried on your network. Because it uses your present broadband data network, VoIP is less expensive. Also because phone calls are treated as data, a range of new applications are available via a simple web interface for such things as playing voice mail, retrieving historical call information, and much more.

Compnet's VoIP service improves upon VoIP because your calls never touch the public Internet. Instead, the phone call's data packets are routed over Compnet's private managed network and then to the PSTN, so the sound quality is superb. You can also use your existing phone system or use Compnet's IP managed network service and take advantage of many other advanced features.To find out more about Compnet VoIP service and how it can improve your company's communications give us a call.

Compnet Launches VOIP Service to Business Customers.

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